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Information Services to Diverse Populations: Developing Culturally Competent Library Professionals

Earlier this year, I read Information Services to Diverse Populations: Developing Culturally Competent Library Professionals, (© 2016, Libraries Unlimited, paperback, Information Services to Divers Populations book cover166 pages, ISBN-10: 1440834601, ISBN-13: 978-1440834608).

This is the latest work by Nicole A. Cooke.  Cook is an assistant professor at The Graduate School of Library and Information Science at The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and program director for the MS in Library and Information Science.

Cooke says that she wrote the book that she wanted to use in her classroom for her course, Information Services for Diverse Populations (LIS 547). In it, she addresses perennially important and emerging topics in librarianship, such as diversity, cultural competence, and social responsibility. Cooke’s work also examines research in the areas of diversity and social justice in librarianship. She also explores how social responsibility is fundamental to  librarianship.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Diversity, Inclusion and Information Services
  2. Developing Cultural Competence
  3. A Sampling of Diverse Populations
  4. Services to Diverse Populations
  5. Managing Diversity
  6. Becoming New Storytellers: Counter Storytelling in LIS

The appendices include a sample syllabus and sample assignments. Each chapter also includes questions and for reflection or discussion.

Though the book is a textbook, it is a thorough resource that introduces readers to the contexts and situations that encourge the development of empathy and building cultural competence.

As the diversity of the clientele we serve in libraries, continues to increase, developing cultural competency skills and social awareness becomes all the more urgent. Cooke’s work can benefit veteran practitioners, employers and LIS students, and the library profession at large.



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