Hyperlocal Sites

I looked at each of the sites listed. To be honest,  I found most of the sites baffling and wondered why anyone would bother with them.  Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t find the sites very friendly in terms of navigability or in terms of  useful, credible content.

That said, I do agree with Emily Clasper, that hyper locals have potential and that libraries can and should be a player in helping the hyperlocal concept develop and grow into something useful and helpful.

Patch was the only one that had some sense of rational organization to it with an eye-appealing layout.  It sort of made me think of the roll that the Lincoln Jounal’s “Neighborhood Extra” fills.  As Patch grows and adds cities, it may become truly useful.  I will make a point to check the Patch site from time to time to see how it evolves.

The Q&A concept is an excellent idea. It reminds me of the weekly column that used to be in the World Herald where in readers could submit a question, rather along the line of the NLC Reference Twitter feed.  The Q&A concept at the hyper-local level really has potential and what better folks to participate in such (or to be the instigators of) than staff from the local library.


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