CPD23 Adventure.

This morning I joined in the NCompass Live: 23 Things for Professional Development and decided to participate. The more I think about the decision to participate, the more excited I am becoming. I am continually amazed at how small our world has been made thanks to technology.  The opportunity to learn from others around the world  is remarkable.

The opportunities the NLC has provided through NCompass broadcasts and through Nebraska Learns have been fun and useful ways to learn about new technology and what can/can’t be done with it.

I’ve been employed in a non-library position for a number of years now but find the skills, and mindset developed as a librarian, very appropriate for what I do.

One of my job responsibilities is to learn about and think about new technology that is or may be used in the academic environment and how that technology may impact students with disabilities.  If it weren’t for opportunities such as those that come from the NLC and the library blogs I follow, I think it would be incredibly difficult to be even marginally aware of the technology that is available and emerging.

Personally, its important to me to attempt to keep my skills up for the future may hold new adventures in libraries for me. The idea of learning from such a diverse and potentially far-flung  audience of intelligent, creative people is absolutely amazing.


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