Thing 3: My Personal Brand

Susie Learns 2.0 has been a good vehicle for me although surgery early in the year and work load has meant I’ve rarely posted so far this year. In addition to “Susie Learns 2.0,” I write one other blog, “WinAhead’s World.”  Each blog is distinct and has its own personality

In the latter blog, I purposely am invisible because the focus of this blog is to represent a work-related professional organization and to use the blog as a resource site for our state-wide members and students with disabilities and their parents.  My goal is to write monthly but that doesn’t always happen.  I struggle with topics for this blog perhaps because it represents an organization with a very focused goal and what I write about needs to fit within that.  I’ve experimented with the appearance of WinAhead’s World a couple of times and think that perhaps it would have been best to stay with the the first theme I chose.  Thankfully, I’m pretty content with the theme chosen for Susie Learns 2.0.

Thing 3 was an interesting experience and perhaps says as much about how search engines work as it does about my relatively limited exposure on the web. Searching for my name yielded no references to either blog although I didn’t expect  my searches in Google and Dogpile to discover the WinAhead blog. I’d initially searched using my formal name and in Dogpile, found a Zoominfo entry for me. Not all of the information was accurate, but most was. Google yielded an Intellus entry.  Looking for “Susie Dunn” was more fruitful.  While I didn’t find “Susie Learns,” I did find references to several reports I’ve written, a political office I once ran for and the link to a small business my spouse and I have.   In both Dogpile and Google, my LinkedIn profile and the reference to the small business were on the front page with the LinkedIn profile the very first one.

I think I’ve been very cautious and even hesitant about the information I have “out there.” and have been pondering privacy issues a lot. Still because I want to blog more this year  in both blogs I write, it will be interesting to see how I balance striving to have readable (and read) blogs while prudently managing my personal brand/privacy.


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