Thing 4: Twitter, RSS and Pushnote

I use RSS feeds a good deal. Nearly everything I consider important enough to keep track of finds its way into my Google Reader. I don’t think I’d be as alert to trends and issues were it not for RSS feeds into a Reader.

I’ve been extremely fortunate that I’ve identified some blog posts that are – in my opinion- particularly good about helping me keep aware of technology as it affects higher education, and libraries. The blogs I follow have been an excellent way to be exposed  social media in general. I particularly like  ILibrarian, Mashable, The Day in the Life and Translitery and Libraries.

Although  have a Twitter account, and do have a few things I follow, I haven’t been much of a user of it. Truth to tell, Twitter still baffles me and I struggle to see how I might actually put it to constructive use in a meaningful way. But,  I expect I’ll learn more through this project and reading the comments of others.  If I don’t find myself using it much throughout 23 Things, I will close the account.

I was unfamiliar with Pushnote and right now I don’t “get it.” But, I’m willing to explore it, and to learn from the comments of others.


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