Thing 5: Reflection

I’ve been thinking about not only the  media we’ve explored in the first four things but also about some other things I’ve tested out in recent months (e.g.  Stixy, Penzu, Mindomo, bitly, Todoist, Ambient Page and Readability to name a few that I’ve tested).  It goes without saying that people adopt what they  see as having a  meaningful use personally or professionally.

However, it has occurred to me that there is a very subtle factor that we  don’t often think about  when  we are considering adopting  a type of social media.

That intangible element (which is obvious when stated) is our own personality and whether what we’re considering appeals to us. I tend to have a small, tight social circle and wouldn’t think of sharing a lot  online.  Consequently, Twitter and Facebook leave me cold.

I have seen some excellent uses of both by libraries so I “get it” that these are usable and useful for libraries. But, on the other hand, I don’t “get it”  because both seem  to be “vehicles of TMI” and  too personal and depersonalized at the same time.
Truth is, my first impressions of Twitter and Facebook come from observing them used in the social environment before they were embraced and used by businesses, libraries and other entities and I was not impressed. It also baffles me how media that began as a vehicle of communication among individuals, can be used effectively by an entity.
Participating in 23 Things  provides both the opportunity and the motivation to try things  I wouldn’t otherwise. Some things will appeal to me and I’ll grasp that they have a useful application, others will not. In either instance I will be challenged to re-think what social media is and does in our lives; that  is one of the most valuable reasons for participating



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