Thing 6: Online Networks

I’ve looked at several of the links Helen mentioned in her post for this activity and am amazed at the wealth of information and support found in LISNPS and in Librarians as Teachers.  I intend to continue checking these two sites from time to time.

I’ve also been thinking about her question “do you think there is room for new networks like Google+?”  There is room but how much of a niche and how significant Google+ becomes remains to be seen.  Social networks are like people; each has a personality and character and since Google+ operates differently that LinkedIn for example, it will appeal to, and be used by individuals who might not use LinkedIn or see Google+ as another tool to use – for a different audience.

I have a LinkedIn profile and find the resources useful. I receive a weekly post “Top Headlines in Higher Education” which brings to my attention articles I might otherwise have missed and I find that really valuable. I have a colleague at my institution who makes great use of LinkedIn and I plan to visit with her about how and why she uses it because I want to make more effective use of it than I have been.  Networking isn’t difficult; it’s just intimidating at times.


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