Thing 8: Google Calendar

I was delighted to find that Google Calendars were one of the “Things” to explore. I maintain several Google e-mail accounts (each for a different purpose) and a calendar for most of the accounts. My personal calendar is essential to keeping me sane and organized.

I have a calendar embedded in another blog, “WinAhead’s World”  and I added a Google calendar to it so group members can keep track of scheduled presentations. I don’t think of myself as particularly tech savvy so it was a  challenge at first to figure out how to embed  the calendar widget and get it to look the way I wanted  it to. When I was finished,  the sense of accomplishment was a wonderful feeling.

I looked at both of the examples Bethan included in her post and particularly liked the post from “Musings about Librarianship.” It’s given me some ideas. I appreciated the examples and also the author’s candor when he didn’t fully understand features in some of the examples.

I think I’ve more to learn about the calendar feature!


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