Thing 9: Evernote

This post interested me because Evernote is not a product I use.  For various reasons, when I was looking for a function such as provided by Evernote, I opted to go with Zotero.   Although I may choose to download Evernote to experiment with it, I will need to do so at home.

For Thing 9 then, I instead chose to look for comparisons between Evernote, One Note and Zotero.  I found some useful commentary at One Note Vs Evernote, Round Two  and Zotero: The best notetaking / bookmarking hybrid you’re not using

I chose Zotero for several reasons.  I use Firefox. at home and have it at work as well.   I have my netbook and my work computer sync’d so I have access to everything on both computers. Zotero will also work on a Linux system and my home computer is Linux based.

But the bottom line is that Zotero has features I need and use a lot. I think in part a person uses what they get used to and find meets their needs.  I intend to try Evernote  and keep an open mind.


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