Thing 17: Prezi

After reading  Angie’s post about Prezi and Slideshare, I set up an account in Prezi and experimented.  I believe I’ll have to invest some time in the tutorials because I found using Prezi frustrating and not very easy to set  the segments up or add shapes. The zooming about does tend to make me a bit dizzy, not a good thing.

Still, the dynamic nature of Prezi is very obvious and I can see how it can have a variety of applications.  I think that if I were more comfortable and proficient with it that I could easily use a Prezi to teach staff at work about the ADA or diversity related issues for example.

I think Prezi could easily be used to market a library program, teach a particular library skill or simply advertize the library in a very dynamic way. I went back after completing my Prezi and read the  posts by Ned Potter and Lora Mason. These were food for thought – enough so that I really will try to master Prezi.

Here is a link to the prezi  I did  – “warts and all.” 🙂

.prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }

I already had a Slideshare account and just used it to post my presentation for the NLA Conference presentation I’m to make on Friday.  Although I’d used Slideshare  to view presentations, this was the first time I’d uploaded one and I found the instructions at the conference site very helpful in getting that done. I am sure I’ll use Slideshare more.

I liked the example Slideshare Resume and think it might become a common tool for resumes. Right now, it might be more acceptable in some industries or for certain positions. But, it is a fantastic idea.

The one drawback that I  find worrisome is that Prezi is not accessible to individuals with visual disabilities and it may be troublesome for those who have seizure disorders or are similarly troubled by Flash.


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