Thing 18: Screen Capture and Podcasts

I had a lot of fun with Thing 18. Here at work I was not able to download Jing, although some of our faculty have used it as their departments support the use of Jing.

However, I’ve been experimenting with Screencast-o-matic  and really liked it; it was easy to use.  I  think once I get my test project (some instructions for accessing and using our subscription to Films on Demand) smoothed out and figure out how to add audio, I will  replace some written instructions with the video.  My practice results weren’t particularly good but I have the confidence and ideas to  do it better now.  I’ll look into getting permission to put Audacity on my computer.

Starting next week I’ll be enrolled in Moodle Rooms training and am so excited. I have a project in mind for a course already.  I’m hopeful that we’ll learn about using podcasts  in Moodle in this training so will explore those and the making of same later.

I appreciated the links Maria provided to Audacity and  Podwhating. The latter is very interesting and I think the course material will be very helpful. I may share the site and the materials with our Director of Staff Development as a resource for our faculty.The guides dedicated to installing and using Audacity look very helpful.


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