Thing 19: Reflecting

This afternoon I read though each of my 23 Things posts written to-date in preparation for writing Thing 19. I’m amazed already by the impact that taking part in CPD23 has had. When I initially signed up, it was with a  sense of adventure. I was also pleased to be able to participate in an activity that has participants from all over. And, it was nice to be able not have to factor in transportation and the like to participate.  (It’s too easy to feel like a second-class citizen when one doesn’t drive.) I think I might have chosen to participate even it hadn’t been free!

I didn’t start posting until late August/September. I’m happy to admi that I didn’t expect to get to Thing 19 and: have had so much fun and learned so much.

  • Initially in Susie Learns 2.0 and with WinAhead’s World, I only blogged on a monthly basis – if that. Because I’m participating in  23 Things and also reading so many more blogs, all of which are unique, I’m blogging more, and think I will continue blogging more frequently. I discovered I like blogging more than expected.
  • I’m fascinated by the concept of chartership and the means by which UK librarians learn and advance their professional growth and development. Maybe there are some lessons here for American libraries
  • Some issues libraries face are (obviously) the same wherever one is in the world.
  • Some of the things we looked at I am glad I looked at them and experimented when I could but I really don’t think I’d ever use them (e.g., Pushnote, CiteUlike,  Mendeley). Others that I’m of a divided mind about, I’ve decided I’ll make an effort to  try them again (Prezi, Google+, Twitter).
  • I discovered I could  download Evernote at work so am looking forward to trying that after all. I hope to have an opportunity to try Jing and Audacity one day too.
  • Screencast-o-matic is  something I really like and  I think I will work to master it. Also now that I’ve not only looked at things posted at Slideshare that others have done but also successfully uploaded one of my own, I’m’ sure I’ll use it more.

All  in all I’ve enjoyed Thing 23 and learned so much. It will be odd to be coming to the end of it soon.


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