Thing 20: Library Routes

I wrote in an earlier Thing  a little about how I became a librarian. I’ve been interested in the remarks others have made about how they came to be librarians. It seems that many  came to the profession almost by trial and error. Perhaps that is not a bad journey. The things that we learned then do enrich what we bring to our role as librarians.

At first, I’d thought I would  teach school. Yet when I was honest with myself, I knew I wouldn’t be good at it with young people in the public school system and like many 20-something, my major changed somewhat.  Consequently, I will be the first to admit that I started library school largely because I didn’t know what else to do and I’d often been told I would be a good librarian.

I learned early in my first position that the fundamentals I learned in all the education classes I took as an undergrad, would stand me in good stead as a law librarian and later as an academic reference librarian.  No education is wasted – although it may take a bit to discover how it benefits you.  I used to tell my patrons that a librarian is an educator whose classroom is a library and I still believe that.

Although I wish I’d had a better  reason for  attending library school than not knowing what else to do, the positions I’ve held and the things I’ve done since  in a non-library  environment  have convinced me (most of the time) that  I made a good choice.


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