Thing 21: Promoting yourself in Job Interviews etc

It’s been a number of years since I’ve interviewed for a position. Truth is, as a middle-aged Baby-boomer, I may not be looking for another job prior to retirement. However, no job is truly secure. Life changes so  the assignment for Thing 21 was a good reminder.  Having to think about our strengths, weaknesses, preparing a CV and interviewing are each challenging in their own way but very useful.

I’ve always thought my strengths included independence. By this  I mean that people I’ve reported to, have quickly learned that  they can tell me what they need done, tell me what if any, specifics there are to how it must be done and then get out of my way and let me do my job.

I’ve proven to be someone trustworthy and one who will get things done as she says she will. I am organized and self-directed.  I tend to be detail oriented and  will most generally do the unglamorous jobs that  need doing without fanfare.

I’m shy and a loner but also am caring and friendly although I do have to work at not appearing to be anti-social.  I don’t belong to organizations just to belong. I step up and contribute often serving in some sort of service role (e.g. treasurer, secretary)

In terms of weaknesses- I don’t like conflict; I’m very conflict adverse. I really need to  strengthen my skills in  how to manage difficult situations or conflicts.  I dislike crowds and loud noisy exchanges/meetings.  I would also like to improve my ability to pause and take a breath before speaking, thus ensuring that my conversation partner(s) are actually through speaking! Sometimes my thoughts and ideas seem to be a bit in  a hurry.

I don’t think I do a very good job of keeping track of my accomplishments and achievements because I rarely see  what I do as all that important and significant. Thing 21 has reminded me I must  do a better job of  “tooting my own horn.”

I appreciated Ned Potter’s blog piece on keys to a good interview. I’ll keep this piece in mind because interviewing well is NOT something I do at all well! The positions I’ve enjoyed the most and remained in the longest are those in which my reputation preceded me and I was either asked to interview or was known to the interviewers.


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