Thing 23: Summing it all up

My final post for CPD23 Things. The time has gone by quickly.  It’s been a struggle at times, occasionally frustrating but overall a great experience. I’m glad I chose to participate. In a way, its a little sad the CPD23 has come to an end.

I know that were it not for CPD23, Nebraska Learns 2.0  and NCompass Live, I doubt I would be aware of many of the technologies  that I’ve learned about. Some I will use a lot and others not so much if at all. I’ve gotten more comfortable with blogging and plan to keep blogging.

Even though I’m not actively working in a library at  the moment,  much what I’ve learned will benefit me in what I do in my current position.  Some of the technology will be directly useful. Overall the issues and topics discussed will help me think critically and more broadly about technology in general and maybe even about issues of accessibility.

One of the best thing about CPD23 though, has been the participants. There are some amazing librarians and libraries ‘out there’ and was wonderful to share a bit of their world via the posts shared. I’ve also read more widely as I’ve been tipped off to interesting articles, studies, and reports that I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

I do plan to spend a bit of time developing a CPD plan. I wonder where my journey will take me?

To sum it all in six words: Shared journey exploring technology, curiosity grows.


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