Thing 49: Google+

I will admit that Facebook and now Google+ are great mysteries to me.  I have never understood the appeal of being so public with one’s life. I have no interest in the kind of sharing that folks do on the web these days.  Facebook has been a real turn off largely because users have not had as much “control” of the information posted.  I know that there have been improvements but that has not changed my viscerally negative view of Facebook.

That said, some weeks ago I did set up a Google+ account.  I received an invitation from a family member who works in IT for the State and is very levelheaded about technology.  Therefore, I was comfortable with signing up.  I think we were both curious about Google+.  Neither of us have used it much yet. But, while there is a lot I don’t understand yet about Google+, I do like that one can be selective and turn OFF  stuff that streams in if one chooses to do so, though I’m not sure I’ve really figured out how that’s done. I think users have more control and flexibility with Google + than with Facebook and I like that.

I agree with Andrew though, “Google has got to come up with a much stronger incentive to get people to migrate from Facebook to Google+ than a slightly better  user experience. Also, Google is going to have to market the heck out of Google+ old school (TV, radio & print) in addition to the web and provide some kind of Facebook integration/migration tool to have any luck getting folks to switch. I don’t know if many will want to maintain profiles on both Facebook and Google+.”

I think Google+ is useful and I think I will make some use of Google+. But, I have too many other things that also I enjoy doing  I work too much on the computer to see it as a type of fun that I will spend a lot of time at, it but only time will tell.


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