Thing 50: TED Talks

I was delighted to see that the “Thing” for December was to explore the TED talks. I don’t remember when I first discovered but when I’ve had time to visit the site and choose a talk to listen to, I’ve been fascinated, engaged and always come away with something to think about.I made a note of several talks I want to listen to soon but the ones I want to feature here are these.

One of the two talks I chose to view was an independently sponsored event originally posted at YouTube. In a very real way, the type of understanding Sandra Fisher-Martin is discussing is a type of literacy that I shall call civic literacy. Her message is powerful and not even needing to read subtitles distracted from its importance.

Sandra Fisher-Martin, the Right to Understand

Lastly, I chose to listen to a talk by Kathryn Schultz about living with regret. I found her talk very powerful  case for embracing our regrets and thinking about how those can shape our lives.

Kathryn Schulz: Don’t Regret, Regret


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