Thing 51: RSS Feeds

Thing 51 was useful in that it got me thinking about just how much I use Google and particularly the Reader feature.   I’ve used Reader for quite awhile and have the various subscriptions I follow organized into folders.

Before beginning this post, I took a good look at my subscriptions and unsubscribed from a few dead or inactive ones and reorganized my files a bit.

What I Like Best
I use Reader  to help me to stay up to date on topics of interest to me or that are relevant to libraries and/or my job. For example, I don’t think I would have experimented with as much new technology or be writing and thinking about about new technologies and disabilities if it weren’t for the discovery of interesting and insightful blogs, (e.g. CPD 23 and ILibrarian) that discuss things I want to know (or should know) more about.

Always Something New to Learn

I don’t consider myself new to RSS anymore but every now and then I learn something new that’s helpful. The LifeHacker post, “How Can I Organize My RSS Feeds So They’re More Manageable?” was really worth the read.

The most obvious use that comes to mind when thinking about how libraries can use RSS or take advantage of this new technology is to encourage staff to use a feed reader as their own “distiller” for professional development reading or even “stress relief”   It seems to me that libraries could also use feeds to provide information to patrons on community, health or other pertinent topics.


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