Thing 54: GoAnimate!

This Thing was fun. I’d  tried out Xtranormal when I talked about it in  posts I did in November and December of 2010,  so this time I tried GoAnimate. I did a small piece on Older American’s Month.  All my comments are based on having used the free versions of Xtranormal and GoAnimate.

What I Liked and Didn’t Like About GoAnimate

There seems to be at least two ways to make cartoons with GoAnimate. The really easy way is to use “Slices of Daily Life.”The other option is to choose “Make a Video” from the  toolbar.  I tried both and the “Slices of Daily Life” is really easy. The scene and character choices are quite limited if you’re not using the pro version though.  I didn’t save that test.

Using “Make a Video”

With the “Make a Video” option there was more to think about and it took me a while to figure out how to do things. Navigating the different component parts  of making a slide, editing slides and sound, syncing and making transitions took some experimenting. I am satisfied with my first effort though.

Voices and Choices

I thought the voices were less mechanical than in Xtranormal.  There also seemed to be a bit more variety in the choices one could make. In some ways  I also thought that the character choices were not as limited or cutesy as in Xtranormal .  I hoped however that the use of punctuation marks e.g.,  question marks, exclamation points and so on, would add a bit of inflection to the delivery.  The technology isn’t quite there yet.

Quirky, Fun and Another Tool in the Toolbox

Both Xtranormal and GoAnimate have potential for doing quirky, attention-getting things for promotional purposes.  I think the free version of Xtranormal might have the potential for a bit more “cheesiness” and I think it is a bit simpler over all to use. Sometimes “cheesiness” is just what is needed and simple is always good. I think GoAnimate offers a bit more in the way of choice and flexibility in its free version than does Xtranormal.

All in all, I enjoyed my experimentation and think that I’ll have to give more thought to using these two services.

Older Americans Month by hatladysd on GoAnimate
Make a video easily. Powered by GoAnimate Video Maker.


2 thoughts on “Thing 54: GoAnimate!

  1. I'll readily admit that I don't have any experience with GoAnimate myself but it sounds a bit easier to use than xtranormal. However, the screen switching whenever there's a different character speaking was a bit jarring. Is that the way it is or something you can control?

  2. I liked your comparison of the two services. I think using them both to their strengths, like you suggest, is definitely a good idea.

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