Thing 58: Infographic Magic

I had fun with this activity!

I use neither Facebook nor Twitter which eliminated from the start. intrigued me but I found that the available templates wouldn’t easily work for the tentative ideas I had.  I decided to keep the account I set up and later on, when a report I write each year, is prepared, I’ll test then.

That left Piktochart.  I like it.  It might not have taken quite as much experimenting at first if my ideas had been better framed but once I had a clear idea of what I was going to do, I was able to create two designs.  I did find it a little challenging to resize graphics and shapes but I suspect that has more to do with the fact that my arthritic hands hurt today than anything else.

I looked at the features available in the paid version and while the pro version does offer greater variety of themes and more customization, I was please with the degree of features that are available in the free version.  The free version of Piktochart will serve nicely for the projects I envision using it for.

Piktochart has several potential uses in libraries.  I can see using Pictochart to promote activities, and showcase information for governing bodies (including financial information during the budget process).  Offering a workshop on  how to use Piktochart  to teens and adults might also be well received.

I opted to do two infographics, one that is job related and a second one for an organization I do newsletters for.   The first promotes two options for diversity continuing education  online, the second promotes the new website for the local genealogical society.

I’m looking forward to testing in the future and using Piktochart for a project or two.





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