Thing 59: Tech Savvy Basics

I read the article Top 10 Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know,” and most of the articles found in the embedded links.  I have always found Lifehacker articles informative and readable for someone who is not an IT professional.
As Lori noted in her post, many of the ideas in the article and in those of the additional articles, do apply to personal computers. I also concur with her list of 5 suggestions.
My suggestions are not exclusive to using a computer but are things I do think are basic skills that we should have.
  1. Printers/Copiers:     Knowing how to remove paper jams, change toner/ink (and when to call the service technician!)
  2. IF the library still has microfilm/fiche readers:  How to change the light bulb, thread the reels/rewind and remove microfilm or load/unload fiche sheets.
  3. Printing:   How to check print preview before printing a job and how to   set print ranges if only a portion of web material or document content is needed.
  4. If the library checks out eBook readers:  How to turn on/off, download books, and basic terms and conditions of use of the check-out – in case the patron has questions.
  5. OPAC:  How to do basic searching in the library’s OPAC system and any periodical databases the library may subscribe to.
I debated about including the last item on my list but decided to include it.

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