Thing 66: Social News Sites

I’m tardy in getting to Thing 66.

I looked at all the sites although the majority held little interest for me.


The tutorial for Reddit was well done and attractive so I spent time looking at Reddit and set up an account.  Were it not for the tutorial, I would have found Reddit even more frustrating than I did. I don’t find it visually appealing and at first I found  it baffling to customize the front page to a limited number of subreddits.

That said, I will keep the account. I think that once I get used how the site works and what types of content one is likely to find there, that the subreads could be a resource for information that might be otherwise hard to find for professional and/or personal interests.

Libraries could use the tutorial mentioned in Thing 66,  to show patrons or groups (e.g. book groups, genealogists,  quilters etc.) how to set up subreddits of interest and while doing so, talk a little bit about how to evaluate information. found on the web.


I found Digg visually appealing and a place to “graze” but since I’ve little interest in or need for either a Twitter or Facebook account, I didn’t create an account,  Still, I imagine I’ll return to  Digg once in awhile.

Digg could easily be recommended to patrons as a current-events site. On a more whimsical note, could see choosing a story found on Digg, as the basis for planning promotional/outreach events, reading lists (both fiction and non-fiction)  Book and/or discussion groups might find Digg a useful resource.


The “Additional Reading” articles were helpful and touched on issues I’ve been thinking about in the context of higher education. I was glad these were included.  In general, “Thing 66” reinforced my personal observation that use and consumption of social media may be influenced as much by one’s generation as it is by one’s personal interests,  I enjoyed exploring these sites.


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