Thing 68: YouTube Time Machine

This was  a fun “Thing” to do.

I looked at a number of  clips, including  a Mickey Mouse clip from 1925 which was the year that was the “default” when I went to the site.  I looked at a number from the year I was in kindergarten and a few others but I settled on the clip shown below.

This clip for Pepsodent toothpaste ran in 1950, the year my parents married. It caught my  eye because I remember other, later product commercials done using this cartoon format and of course the star’s name had a certain appeal!  🙂

I’m pleased to see the great variety of films that are available through YTTM. The caveat that content is mainly limited to videos that have specifically indicated the year in which they were originally created, is important to remember and this bit of information should be shared with users if the Time Machine is introduced to patrons.

One use that came to mind is to use clips from the Time Machine with book clubs or story times to set the stage for period books, or to give context or background for non-fiction works.  Using clips this way may also help teens working on research papers for history or civics class.

At least one  clip I perused was “full-length story” from a Saturday morning cartoon program  (e.g. the New Adventures of Mighty Mouse).  Such clips, although likely few in number, could be used in story times for young children.
Personally, a few clips were  short trips down memory lane….all in all this is a clever resource with several potential uses as long as the aforementioned caveat is kept in mind.  The  YTTM will become more useful and more fun as more dated entries are added.


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