Thing 73: Graphic Design with Image Generators

I had too much fun with this activity! I’ve spent time this afternoon playing with several of the  generators and decided to share three examples I created.  I like being creative and often am in the position of having good, sometimes clever ideas but not always the right kind of skill to execute the idea. I was always relieved and thankful when we had student employees working in the LRC who were creative. These students could either carry out my idea or, if given a theme, come up with some amazing ideas of their own.  It was fun to have these electronic tools to actually be creative.


Although I didn’t save the example, one generator I tried was the Big Huge Generator “Jigsaw.”  I think one thing children’s librarians might do is make jigsaw puzzles of the covers of favorite children’s book covers.  The stories could be read in story time and children cold then put together a puzzle made from the book read that particular story time.

Trading Card

A new “furry  person” came to live at my house this past June after my spouse lost his beloved black lab. When we picked up Ellie’s ashes, I encouraged Bob to visit the adoption wing of the CHS.   The short version of this adventure is that at one particular pen, a year-old “drop-dead handsome,” Golden Retriever/German Shepard/Lab mix stood up on his hind paws, stuck a front paw through the gap in the pen and tried to shake paws with Bob.  I kept my thoughts to myself but suspected that by noon the next day I’d receive a call from Bob telling me that this handsome fellow had come to live with us.  The call came at 11:30, not noon, and Bob and MoJo are now nearly inseparable.  MoJo stars in his own Trading Card and I’m toying with having this picture made into a Jigsaw puzzle using “Jigsaw” for a Christmas present for  Bob.


Dynamic Einstein Picture

While working on an entirely different project I ran across an Erma Bombeck quote that amused me. (Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day).  The quote found it’s way into the Dynamic Einstein generator.  Libraries could use this to feature quotes from books  featured in book displays or list books and set up the list as if it were an assignment for students.


Newspaper Headlines

I tried this too and I could see this being used to create Staff  or patron book reviews for new books and then made available as handouts at a book display or in  a bulletin board.

License Plates

Last but not least, I tried the License Plate generator and this I think could be used to feature books/book titles for books in One Book Nebraska or One Book (Your City or School) projects.  To keep it simple today, my example  illustrates something I’m known for and uses the model for the 1940 license plate.

I plan to come back to this Think and use it to generate images and graphics for some of the writing projects I have at work or for the WordPress  blog I pen for a professional group.

I haven’t had this much creative fun for some time. Thanks!


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