Thing 81: Popcorn Maker

I found Popcorn Maker fun to try out.  While I don’t think it is a difficult product to use, I do think it takes some experimentation to figure out to create layers and make reasonably smooth transitions between layers. it also takes a steady hand and a sharp eye.

In the clip below, I envisioned it as a means of introducing patrons to a number of possible topics depending on how this was presented (or added to beyond what I’ve done).

In particular, public libraries may not have a large collection of resources for the topics I suggest here so  this could be  used to introduce customers to the books and other resources available on the French painter Edgar Degas,  or impressionist painters in general. Alternatively  this could even be a colorful way to  showcase books on hats, millinery or period clothing.

I experimented a bit more a second time and  this was a bit more challenging to accomplish but in this instance, my example had promoting reading and your local library in mind.

I think Popcorn Maker has potential for many uses in libraries.  A spirit of creativity, a steady hand, a sharp eye, a sense of humor and the willingness to experiment are really all that is needed. As Maria points out, it does take patience, lots of it and looking at what others have done to figure out what to do. Personally, I’d have to be very patient and experiment a lot more before I’d do anything much more complicated than I’ve done.

From the patron side of things,  I think activities using Popcorn Maker  for activities for teens and middle schooler’s would be popular, especially  since projects can be done collaboratively.


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