Thing 87: New Years Learning Resolutions

I’ve been thinking about this “Thing” since I first read Christa’s post.  I knew what wanted to make a resolution but wasn’t sure just what until I was cleaning out my email box and found two posts I’d saved.

One was a post from WordPress and the other was from Code Academy.

I use WordPress for a work related blog and am about to venture into  using WordPress for a personal project so thought that the email inviting me to learn more about WordPress was apt.

Like Christa, I’d started some time ago, using some of the Code Academy tutorials and my intentions fizzled out in the face of busyness. I thought it was time to try again.

Proficiency with Excel is also a need – and not just at work so that  has been on my mind.

I decided I’d use  a Code Academy codebit to document my resolutions.

I’ve already begun on the Excel resolution.  I’ll report back in six months on my progress.


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