Thing 91: Endings and Beginnings

It seems to me that when one reaches a certain age (stage) in life that there are more “endings” to experience than beginnings.  Some are momentous, others less so.

The ending of  this series is one I’ll miss. I’ve  always enjoyed reading the Thing assignments, even the ones I didn’t participate in.  When I was able to participate, I was  often tempted to write “ThinK XX” because each one made me think in some way as well as providing a wonderful hands-on opportunity. I think that might be what I liked best about this series – the opportunity to have hands-on  doing.

I looked at the list of posts I’ve written for this particular blog – all 61 of them. Many were written for the CPD 23 Things program. In looking at the posts, I was  heartened and astonished to discover that through the CPD23 and Nebraska Learns 2.0, that I’ve experimented with a LOT of different electronic and tech resources. Perhaps too, I’ve had an awful lot to say.

An observation I made in  CPD23 #5  (September 2011) still rings true

I’ve been thinking about not only the  media we’ve explored in the first four things but also about some other things I’ve tested out in recent months (e.g.  Stixy, Penzu, Mindomo, bitly, Todoist, Ambient Page and Readability) to name a few that I’ve tested.  It goes without saying that people adopt what they  see as having a  meaningful use personally or professionally.

However, it has occurred to me that there is a very subtle factor that we  don’t often think about  when  we are considering adopting  a type of social media.

That intangible element (which is obvious when stated) is our own personality and whether what we’re considering appeals to us. I tend to have a small, tight social circle and wouldn’t think of sharing a lot  online.  Consequently, Twitter and Facebook leave me cold.

Christa asks:

  • What were your favorite discoveries or exercises? Which didn’t you find useful at all?
  • Which Things have you continued using?
  • How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
  • Were there any take-aways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

Of all the items listed in the quote above I’m still using only Readability.  I used ToDoIst a lot until some improvements were made to  Google Tasks and Google Keep was developed.  I now have a Twitter account but more for keeping track of particular people or trends than for tweeting. My initial response to Twitter and Facebook remains unchanged.

As for what I’ve continue to use from time to time,  a sampling includes:  AutoMotivator, Screen-cast-omatic,   some resources from Big Huge Labs, and Piktochart. I even have a Pinterest account for  the WinAhead Blog. I wish I had more time to use the Storybird account I have because I really enjoy it.   There are others that I still use occasionally but that don’t come to mind at the moment.

When I went through each of the 61 posts, I realized there were so many things we explored in Nebraska Learns and CPD23 that  I’d rather forgotten about experimenting with them.  I suspect I’ll go back to the list of posts again and try again some again.

As for take-aways,  my delight at the discovery of just how many things we explored through Nebraska Learns is one.  Another is that I am so thankful for the vast array of  resources and content on-line to learn from. The opportunities provided via  Nebraska Learns have been fun and useful ways to learn about new technology and what can/can’t be done with it.  It’s been a boon, both professionally and personally. Thanks for the explorations




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