24 Books Readable in an Hour

This infographic comes by way of the “E-Book Friendly” blog.

I’m  muddled by the infographic.  Maybe its the notion that one is paying attention to the amount of time one reads or has time to read, instead of thinking of reading for pleasure or perhaps information. Still, the concept is thought-provoking; reading is positively promoted; and the titles identified  are intriguing ones worth checking out.

It made me think of the discussion in my public services class in library school wherein we discussed the debate of  “Do we provide the things we know patrons will read. . .?  In short “Glad the patrons are reading” vs “Shouldn’t we be encouraging . . .?”

That old debate seems silly but at one time this was a real concern for some.

Read on!

24 books to read in under an hour (infographic) | Ebook Friendly

Via Ebook Friendly


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