E-learning in libraries : best practices

I recently read E-learning in libraries : best practices, edited by Charles Harmon and  Michael Messina.

I found the title quite readable. The nine case-study accounts that constitute this collection provide demonstrate that E-Learning presents a huge opportunity for innovation and creativity for all types of libraries and the librarians who work in them. Some projects were developed to take advantage of the wealth of information and resources available.  Others were designed as online reference desks while others were  created out of the necessity of reaching more students with limited staff.

One of the nine essays features Nebraska’s own “NCompass Live” which is an example designing to reach out to library professionals. Nebraska is a  large state, with much of its population concentrated in its eastern corridor, therefore providing continuing education to the state’s librarians is challenging. The weekly webcast, NCompass Live is an innovative solution reaching Nebraskans and others across the country.

As someone who often participates in the weekly webcasts, I was fascinated by the  behind-the-scenes look at what is involved in putting these weekly programs together.  The Nebraska Library Commission staff who run the program make everything look effortless but a lot of careful work and evaluation go into the program.

These nine case studies, written by by those involved in the project, offer real-world expertise. The authors are candid, and  include examples, steps, success and stumbling blocks, thereby offering real-world expertise in a down-to-earth manner for anyone seeking to learn more. Most chapters include endnotes, several include diagrams and screenshots.  A worthwhile read indeed.

E-Learning in Libraries: Best Practices

  • Series: Best Practices in Library Services
  • Paperback: 134 pages
  • Publisher: Scarecrow Press (February 11, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0810887509
  • ISBN-13: 978-0810887503
  • Also available on Kindle



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